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Teresa Baber is an award winning fine art photographer from Northern Illinois.

As manager of an art gallery and picture framing business, she had been surrounded, for many years, by other people's art. When that chapter closed, in 2006, her photographic journey began.

Teresa's interest in art is quite varied, but her greatest source of inspiration comes from nature. She states, "Nature is simply amazing to me..It is an environment relatively unaffected by human activity; It surrounds us everyday, yet so often goes unnoticed."

Teresa's images invite the viewer to experience the "dreamscapes" that are created in her mind's eye. What these images reveal is not just a simple illustration of the scene in front of her, but her own personal view of that scene interwoven with her own creative signature.

Whether it is a simple strand of trees silhouetted against the warm glow of the setting sun, dramatic storm clouds reflected in the still waters of a lake or an old boarded up building abandoned long ago, her images portray a sense of reality with an extra element of artistic surprise.

About the Artist

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